Velvet Hammer


Velvet Hammer
Don't really know the origin of the name, but it sounded like, and is,  a great name for a drink.  Aptly titled, this cocktail is smooth, but can definitely sneak up on you.  Our version melds the flavors of Banana and Chocolate to create a frozen treat that makes a great after dinner drink.  Give it a try, our featured cocktail... Velvet Hammer!
1 oz. Half & Half
Half of a Banana
1 tbsp. Simple Syrup
1 Slice of Banana and/or Chocolate shavings for garnish
1 Cherry
6 cubes of ice
Combine the ingredients (except for any garnish) into a blender.  Blend until your desired consistency.  Pour into your favorite cocktail glass, garnish accordingly, and prepare to be hit by.....the "Velvet Hammer".  Enjoy!