Toblerone Martini


Toblerone Martini
Toblerone, a Swiss Chocolate bar created over 100 years ago, is known for its distinctive flavor, and its unique prism shape.  Though now offered in several varieties, the original Toblerone gained popularity from its tasty combination of Milk Chocolate, Nougat, Almonds, and Honey.  As we morph this delicious Chocolate Bar into a cocktail, we've also turned the rim of our glass into a treat as well.  If you're a fan of Chocolate, you'll certainly want to try our featured cocktail, the...Toblerone Martini.  Cheers!
1.5 oz. Cream de Cocoa (dark)
1.5 oz. Amaretto
2 oz. Half & Half
4 finely chopped Almonds
1 Tbsp. Honey
1 Toblerone Chocolate Bar
Chocolate shavings
To prepare the glass, put about 1 tspn. of Honey on a saucer, and run the rim of a Martini glass through it.  Once coated with honey, run the rim through a saucer of the chopped Almonds and Chocolate shavings.  Once done, set the glass in the freezer while you prepare the cocktail.  For the drink, add all of the liquids, and about a tspn. of Honey, into an iced filled cocktail shaker.  Cover, and shake well.  Lastly, retrieve your glass from the freezer, and strain your drink into the chilled Martini glass.  For a final touch, cut a two pyramid section off of the Toblerone bar, invert it, and place it on the rim, and then cut 1 more section to sit on the 2 section piece (see photo).  Sprinkle a little of the leftover Almond and Chocolate shavings over the top, and now you're ready to escape, with your delicious...Toblerone Martini.  Enjoy!