Sea Bottom


Sea Bottom
If you bring out a tray of these at your next cocktail party, I'm sure that you'll get some interesting looks, and a few WTFs.  This is a drink that is obviously named after its appearance, and certainly not its taste.  With the combination of Vodka, Baileys, Blue Curacao, and some Cola, you get this very tasty "Art in a Glass" cocktail that will definitely leave an impression.  Be sure to give it a try... Sea Bottom!
1 oz. Vodka
5 oz. Cola (diet is fine)
Lime Wedge or Cherry to garnish
Into an ice filled Collins glass, add (in order) the ingredients listed above.  If you add them somewhat slowly, the cocktail should have a bit of a layered look.  Garnish accordingly, and then serve them like this, letting your guests stir if they want.  Don't let looks deceive you, it's a drink that only takes about a minute to whip up, and even has a little sea foam on top.  Bottoms up to the... Sea Bottom!