The Rumpletini (short for Rum-Apple-Martini), is a variation of an Appletini, where the Vodka is replaced by Rum.  With an amazing burst of Apple flavor, this complex cocktail is a perfect pre-dinner drink that will certainly spark one's appetite.  As both an eye and palate pleaser, we hope you enjoy our featured cocktail...the Rumpletini.  Cheers!
2 oz. Apple Rum
1.5 oz Sour Apple Pucker (Schnapps)
.5 oz. Triple Sec
2 oz. Sprite or Apple Juice
Several slices of Apple (any variety) to garnish
2 Tbsp of Lemon Juice

Combine the three spirits in an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Cover, and shake well.  Next, add the Sprite (or Apple Juice) and give it a good stir.  Let sit while you make the garnish.  Add the Lemon Juice to a cup of water.  Cut several thin slices out of the Apple, and place them in the Lemon water (it prevents the slices from turning brown).  After soaking them for a few moments, cut a small grove in the flesh and hang them on the rim of a chilled Martini glass.  Lastly, strain your cocktail into the glass, and drop in a Cherry.  If you're a fan of the Apple, you'll certainly enjoy this drink...the Rumpletini...!