This sweet blonde cocktail, born of the islands, will definitely make you long for sand between your toes.  A great after dinner drink, and as the story goes, its namesake's smile will leave you feeling more intoxicated than the drink itself.  Hard to imagine, but if so, then a toast to Rhonda!  ps. The story is true!
2 oz. Half & Half
Cherry for garnish
Combine the ingredients into an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Cover and shake well.  The more you shake, the more small ice chips you'll end up with in your cocktail (a good thing).  Strain into a Martini glass, add a Cherry to garnish, and start your escape to the islands.  Enjoy our "Cocktail of the Week", the Rhondatini...!!!

**Dooley's can sometimes be difficult to find in Va., but fear not, Baileys Caramel makes a great substitute.