Pink Diamond


Pink Diamond
This will be the first of several "Pink" cocktails in the coming weeks as we pay tribute to breast cancer awareness month.  If you like eye catching drinks, that happen to taste a lot like chocolate, then you're in for a treat.  The cream and Grenadine create a great shade of pink, and the Tequila and Creme de Cacao fuse to provide a unique Chocolate taste.  The Chocolate shavings and swirl definitely take it up...another notch.  Give it a try, our featured cocktail, the Pink Diamond!
1 oz. White Tequila (Vodka will do in a pinch)
2 oz. Light Creme de Cacao
2 oz. Half & Half
1 oz. Grenadine
Bottled Chocolate syrup
Chocolate shavings (bittersweet)
Put your Martini glass in the freezer to chill.  Combine all of the liquid ingredients into an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Cover, skake well, and set aside.  While holding it by its stem, take the chilled Martini glass, tilt it on its side and slowly twirl it as you drizzle the Chocolate syrup on the inside of the glass.  A couple of rotations should do it.  Lastly, strain the drink into the glass and garnish with the shavings.  It's simple, delicious, and a great way to help raise breast cancer awareness.  We hope you enjoy your very own... Pink Diamond!