Mimosa & Mimosa Moon


Mimosa & Mimosa Moon
This cocktail is traditionally served with a morning brunch, as a "hair of the dog" remedy, or to wedding guests.  It generally is served as equal parts Orange Juice, and Champagne (or Sparkling Wine).  For those who like to mix things up a bit, we've also included a slight variation, with a Citrus based Blue Curacao version.  They're simple drinks that take only seconds to make and serve.  Bottoms up to our featured cocktails, the Mimosa & Mimosa Moon.  Cheers!
3 oz. Champagne (Sparkling Wine)
3 oz. Orange Juice
.5 oz Blue Curacao (for the Mimosa Moon)
Pour the chilled ingredients into a Champagne Flute.  Drop in a swizzle stick (optional), and let the let the good times roll.  Easy and delicious, the Mimosa & Mimosa Moon.  Enjoy!