Lady In Red


Lady In Red
Probably best known as a Chris de Burgh ballad from 1986, Lady In Red is also a sophisticated cocktail that will please most any palate.  With the flavors of Peach, Orange, and Cranberry, blending with the effervescence of Champagne (Sparkling Wine), you end up with a delicious drink that's appropriate for any occasion.  We hope you'll try our delicious featured cocktail... Lady In Red.  Cheers!
1 oz. Grand Marnier (any Orange Liqueur will work)
1 oz. Cranberry Juice
4 oz. Champagne (Sparkling Wine will work)
Orange Slice and/or Cherry to garnish
Combine the Southern Comfort, Grand Marnier, and Cranberry Juice, into an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Cover, shake well, and strain into a chilled Martini glass.  Top with the chilled Champagne, garnish accordingly, and let the music play on, as you sip on your... Lady In Red.  Enjoy!