Jamaican Iced Tea


Jamaican Iced Tea
If a cocktail has any form of the word Jamaica in its name, you can be sure that it's tropical, and that it's tasty.  Likewise, if a cocktail has the two words "Iced Tea" in its name, you can be sure that it contains several types of spirits, and that it's packing a punch.  This tasty tropical treat features five spirits, so please drink it responsibly.  With Vodka, Gin, 2 Rums, Triple Sec, and a couple of mixers, we hope that you'll try our delicious featured cocktail... Jamaican Iced Tea.  Cheers!
.5 oz. Vodka
.5 oz. Gin
3 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix
Pineapple Wedge and/or Cherry for garnish
Add the ingredients, in the order listed above, to an iced filled Collins glass (or Hurricane glass).  Give it a good stir, garnish accordingly, insert a long straw, and enjoy your mouth-watering tropical treat... Jamaican Iced Tea.  Bottoms up!