Hot Mint Cocoa Toddy


Hot Mint Cocoa Toddy
With cold weather now in the mix, it seems only appropriate to start adding an occasional hot cocktail to our collection of recipes.  This tasty warmer-upper has so many levels of flavor, that by the time you've identified all of them, you're ready for a refill.  If you like the taste of hot chocolate, then you're sure to enjoy this as a dessert, or, as an after dinner drink.  As with most of our recipes, if there is one ingredient that you're more fond of, you can certainly adjust the recipe to suit your palate.  Stay warm, and enjoy the...... Hot Mint Cocoa Toddy!
1 oz. Kahlua
Cocoa mix (enough to make 6 oz.)
6 oz. water or milk (depending on your brand of cocoa)
Miniature Marshwallows
Chocolate Shavings
Cinnamon Stick
Make 6 oz. of hot cocoa in your favorite coffee mug.  Add the Kahlua and the Schnapps.  Place 8 or so miniature marshmallows on top.  Grate some chocolate over the marshmallows, and drop in a cinnamon stick.  Simple, delicious, and a classic comfort cocktail.