Green Skittles Martini


Green Skittles Martini
Skittles are a fruit flavored candy that was introduced in the U.S. in 1979.  Domestically, they're currently the 2nd favorite chew candy, ranking just behind Starburst.  It seems like the notion of infusing alcohol with Skittles, has been around for a while.  Here's a link with one seemingly effective method... Skittles Vodka tutorial.  We chose to use green, but you can certainly pick your color of choice.  It's somewhat sweet, but very tasty...our featured cocktail, the Green Skittles Martini.  Cheers! 
2 oz. Green Skittles infused Vodka
4 oz. 7-Up
20 or so, Green Skittles
Lime Wheel
To infuse the Vodka, basically, take 16 Green Skittles, and drop them in a glass with the 2 oz. of Vodka.  Let them completely dissolve. To help the process, shake, or stir, often.  This will take several hours, so it's best to do this way ahead of time.  Once dissolved, strain the Green Vodka through a coffee filter to remove the residue.  You may want to repeat the straining process.  Now that you have your Vodka prepared, simply pour it into an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Add the 7-Up, and gently stir.  Strain the drink into a chilled Martini glass, and add a Lime Wheel.  If you have the patience, drill a small hole through several Green Skittles, and slide them on a toothpick to insert on your Lime Wheel.  It makes a great garnish.  It takes a little effort, but you'll definitely end up with an eye popping, mouth watering, cocktail.  We hope you enjoy your Green Skittles Martini...!