The modern day firecracker is basically a small explosive device that is designed to produce a large amount of noise.  The original firecracker, circa 200 BC, was a type of bamboo that exploded when heated continuously.  As a rule of thumb, the tighter it's packed, the louder the explosion.  I wasn't able to find the origin of our cocktail, but it seems to be appropriately named.  It's somewhat small, but definetly packs a punch.  With two Rums, some tasty Sloe Gin, and a generous portion of Orange Juice, we proudly present our featured cocktail... Firecracker.  Cheers!
1 oz. Sloe Gin
3 oz. Orange Juice
Cherry and/or Citrus wedge to garnish
Add the ingredients, in the order listed above, to an ice filled Rocks glass.  Stir, or leave as is, and garnish accordingly.  It's simple to make, and a great way to celebrate any occasion, our tasty featured cocktail... Firecracker.  Bottoms up!