Here's a little tribute to the apex predator of Autralia.  The origin of the cocktail is somewhat of a mystery, though some stories pin it to the notion that this drink will have you howling like a dingo (dingoes are basically howlers, as opposed to barkers).  In any case....the cocktail is a delicious mix of sweet and sour flavors with a nutty background, and like most popular drinks, it's easy on the eyes, and easy on the palate.  Give it a try, our featured cocktail... Dingo!
1.5 oz. Light Rum
1 oz. Sweet & Sour mix
2 oz. Orange Juice
.5 oz Grenadine
Cherry for garnish
Combine all of the ingredients (except the Grenadine) into an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Cover, shake well, and pour into your favorite cocktail glass.  Add the Grenadine (stirring is optional), garnish with a Cherry, and get ready to go Down Under with the very tasty... Dingo!