Coffee Colada


Coffee Colada
Here's a delicious frozen cocktail suitable for anyone, but especially all of you Java junkies.  We've taken Coffee, Coffee Ice Cream, Coffee Liqueur, and a few other ingredients, and concocted a tasty Colada that any Coffee lover will enjoy.  So, break out the blender, and get ready to indulge with our featured cocktail... Coffee Colada.  Cheers!
3 oz. Kahlua
.5 oz. Vodka (optional)
2 oz. Coffee
2 oz. Half & Half
2 Healthy scoops of Coffee Ice Cream
4 Cubes of ice
Whipped Cream
Several Coffee Beans to garnish
Combine everything, except the Whipped Cream and Coffee Beans. into a blender.  Blend on high for about a minute, and then pour into a Hurricane Glass.  Top with some Whipped Cream, and place a few Coffee Beans on top to garnish.  Add a long straw, and you're all set to enjoy this fabulous cocktail, the Coffee Colada.  Bottoms up!