Chunky Monkey (Frozen)


Chunky Monkey
I was a bit surprised to see that this flavor was only at #3 on Ben & Jerry's most popular flavors of ice cream (Cherry Garcia was at the top).  In any case, it turns out that there are several recipes for this classic.  One actually uses cottage cheese (not ours).  So, if you like the ice cream, or you simply think that you might like the flavors of Banana, Chocolate, Nuts, and Cream in a frozen cocktail, then be sure to try our featured cocktail... Chunky Monkey!
3 oz. Amaretto
3 oz. Rum
3 oz. Creme de Cacao (clear)
4 tbsp. Cream of Coconut
3 oz. Half & Half
Whipped Cream
Half of a Banana (save a few slices for garnishing)
Cherry for garnish
Coarse Chocolate shavings for garnish
1 tray of ice
(makes 3-4 drinks)

Combine the first six ingredients, half of a Banana, and the ice, in a blender.  Blend to your desired consistency.  Pour into your favorite cocktail glass, garnish accordingly, and set sail into the delicious world of the "Chunky Monkey".  Enjoy!