Christmas Coffee


Christmas Coffee
Here's a tasty Coffee cocktail that's perfect as an after dinner drink, or perhaps the in-laws are coming over for breakfast or brunch and you need a little somthing to "take the edge off."  Imagine a nice hot cup of Joe with a little Kahlua, a little Baileys, and some delicious Peppermint Mocha creamer (thanks Coffee-mate).  Throw a bit of Whipped Cream and some Peppermint sprinkles on top, and you've got the perfect cup o' Coffee for this, or any season.  We hope you enjoy our eye opening...Christmas Coffee.
8 oz. of your favorite Coffee
1 oz. Kahlua
Whipped Cream
Candy Cane or Peppermint disk
If you want to sprinkle Peppermint chips over your drink, take a Candy Cane or Peppermint disk, and hit it with a hammer or the bottom of a skillet to break it up into little pieces.  Add the ingredients into your favorite coffee mug, stir, and top with a little Whipped Cream.  Sprinkle the Peppermint pieces on top, and get ready to indulge yourself with some delicious... Christmas Coffee.  Cheers!