Carolina Iced Tea


Carolina Iced Tea
The more research that I do, the more adult beverage "Iced Teas" I come across.  This is the first one where I actually saw Iced Tea listed as an ingredient.  Normally I prefer an unsweetened Tea, but for this cocktail, I think the drink tastes better using sweetened Tea.  So, with 4 tasty spirits, and some old fashioned sweetened Tea, we bring you our featured cocktail... Carolina Iced Tea.  Please drink responsibly.  Cheers!
.5 oz. Vodka
5 oz. Sweetened Tea
Lemon Wheel to garnish
Add the 4 spirits to an ice filled Collins glass (or a Mason Jar).  Stir, and then add the sweetened Tea.  Stir again, garnish with the Lemon Wheel, drop in a long straw, and get ready to slow things down to a nice Southernly pace, as you sip on your delicious... Carolina Iced Tea.  Enjoy!