Caribbean Cooler


Caribbean Cooler
As the days get hotter, the cocktails need to get a little cooler.  Here's a delicious cocktail that isn't overpowered with the taste of alcohol.  Though it contains 4 spirits, we've used ingredients that are lower in "proof", and higher in flavor.  So, for a light, refreshing drink that is dripping with tropical flavor, we present our featured cocktail, the... Caribbean Cooler.  Cheers!
1 oz. Bols Strawberry Liqueur
3 oz. Lemonade
2 oz. 7-Up
Any seasonal fruit to garnish
Add the ingredients (in the order listed) to an ice filled Collins glass.  You can leave it layered, or give it a gently stir to mix the flavors a bit more.  Garnish accordingly, and get ready to chill, with your Caribbean Cooler.  Bottoms up!