Brain Hemorrhage


Brain Hemorrhage
This tasty shooter is named for its unusual appearance.  As the Baileys is introduced to the Peach Schnapps, the reaction causes the Baileys to end up looking like a brain partially suspended in liquid.  When the Grenadine is added, it gives the impression of a bloody brain.  Though great for Halloween, it'll have people talking and laughing any time of year.  It's simple and tasty... the Brain Hemorrhage.  Cheers!
.25 oz. (or less) Grenadine
Add the Peach Schnapps to a 2 oz. Shot Glass.  Slowly, add the Baileys, and then slowly drizzle the Grenadine over the top, until you have the degree of bloodiness (lol) that you like.  Bottoms up... to the Brain Hemorrhage!