Bloody Mary Bomb


Bloody Mary Bomb
I can't take full credit for this one, as I saw something similar several months ago while cocktail surfing on the internet.  It's definitely a "shut the front door" kind of cocktail.  Nutritionally speaking, it has the four main food groups (Shrimp, Tater Tots, Vodka and Bacon)... at least, I think those are the main four.  I picked things that I like and put them on skewers for garnish and dining purposes, but you should definitely go with what appeals to you.  Just get creative and have some fun with your own version of our featured cocktail, the Bloody Mary Bomb!
3 oz. Vodka
12 oz. V-8 Juice (or your favorite Bloody Mary mix)
Dash of Texas Pete or Tabasco Sauce (optional)
Tater Tots
Green Olives
Celery Stalk
Lime Wheel
Old Bay Seasoning
The drink works best with a wide mouthed cocktail glass.  If you want to rim your glass with Old Bay, do that now.  Pour the Vodka and V-8 (or any Bloody Mary mix that you like) into your cocktail glass, and gently stir.  The Bacon, Shrimp, Tater Tots, Olives and Pepperoncini were all skewered with wooden skewers that are available at most grocery stores.  Insert your skewers of goodies, drop in a Celery Stalk, add a Lime Wheel to the rim, and get ready for a breakfast, lunch or dinner like no other, with your Bloody Mary Bomb.  Cheers!