Although one definition of a Beachcomber is somewhat negative (any loafer around a waterfront), I've always thought the term referred to a person of leisure enjoying a walk along a sandy beach.  With two Rums, some Citrus flavors, and a Sugar coated rim, our cocktail will certainly get you in the mood for a sandy stroll.  Bottoms up to our featured cocktail... Beachcomber.  Cheers!
1.5 oz Light Rum
1.5 oz. Spiced Rum
.5 oz Lime Juice (Fresh, or Rose's Sweetened)
.5 oz Maraschino Cherry Juice (right from the jar)
2 oz. Lemon-Lime Soda (7-Up)
Lime Wheel and/or Cherry for garnish
Granulated Sugar to rim glass (optional)
If you want to rim your glass with Sugar... moisten the rim of a chilled Martini glass with Lime Juice, and tap it into a saucer with granulated Sugar (if you want more color, you can add a few red crystals).  In an ice filled cocktail shaker, add the liquid ingredients, and give it a good stir.  Strain into your Martini glass, and garnish accordingly.  It's a somewhat sweet, Rum and Citrus flavor cocktail, that really hits the spot.  We hope you enjoy our featured cocktail... Beachcomber!