Here's a great sipping cocktail that definitely has some bite.  It could also be called a lava lamp because as it sits, the Pomegranate seeds slowly rise and fall similar to the lava in a lava lamp (some of us are so easily entertained).  The cocktail blends Vodka, Triple Sec, and Southern Comfort, with some Lemon-Lime soda, to deliver a smooth drink that works well at any Happy Hour.  Be sure to give it a try, our featured cocktail, the...Barracuda!
1 oz. Vodka
3 oz. 7-Up
Lime wheel, Blackberries, Pomegranate seeds to garnish (or whatever you have)
Combine the three spirits in an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Cover, shake well, and pour into a Rocks glass.  Add the 7-Up, gently stir, garnish accordinly, and get ready to feel the bite of your delicious Barracuda!  Cheers!