AMF a.k.a. Adios Mother F-er


AMF a.k.a Adios Mother F-er
Here's one of the more popular drinks being ordered these days.  It falls into the "kitchen sink" category because of all the different spirits that are put into it.  Not quite sure how it got it's name, but it definitely gets its point across.  We're using the more politically correct acronym of AMF, but don't expect to hear anyone order this cocktail by any other name than its original, the... Adios Mother F-er.  Sorry, but I can't quite bring myself to drop the F Bomb on this site...yet.  Cheers!
.5 oz. Vodka
.5 oz. Rum
.5 oz. Gin
.5 oz. Tequila
2 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix
2 oz. 7-Up
Lemon wheel and cherry to garnish
Combine the 5 spirits and Sweet & Sour Mix into an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Cover, shake well, and pour into a Collins glass.  Top with the 7-Up, garnish accordingly, and get ready to party with your Adios Mother F-er (AMF)!  Please, please, please drink responsibly.  Thanks!