57 Chevy


57 Chevy
This classic was first introduced in September of 1956, and has gone on to become an auto icon.  It was available in several models, and has since been featured in movies, music, and television.  I still haven't seen who is taking credit for the cocktail, but the creator concocted a tasty blend of spirits and juices where no one flavor dominates.  It's a smooth and balanced drink that will work well at any Happy Hour.  We hope you enjoy our featured cocktail, the 57 Chevy! 
1 oz. Gin
1 oz. Orange Juice
1 oz. Pineapple Juice
.5 oz Grenadine
Cherry or Pineapple Wedge to garnish
Add all of the ingredients to an ice filled Rocks glass.  Gently stir, garnish with the Cherry or Pineapple Wedge, insert a couple of sipping straws, and get ready to step back in time with your delicious ...57 Chevy.  Cheers!